We get it, we get it – the Puppy Bowl is the most adorable event of the year. Yesterday, 14-week-old Shih Tzu Cara took the MVP title, a pretty huge accomplishment for a competition that is a joke in its very nature. At least none of the dogs were deflated.  

While the puppies featured are all shelter dogs seeking to be adopted, not every sweet puppy can participate. Here are a few examples of dogs who were not admitted into the competition. Instead of participating on Team Ruff or Team Fluff on the broadcast, these brave dogs had to compete on teams that don’t exist like “Team Dog” or the lazily named “Team Blog.”

On Team Dog, here is Sec. She is Condaleezza Rice trapped in a dog’s body.

Competing on Team Blog is Flim, who turned a violent accident into a thriving business.

Some people call Poochie a “scary Frankenstein” type, but her slime eye is getting treated and her doula was the star of a Super Bowl commercial! Also, she is dead.


The dark horse of Team Blog, Lamp believe it is 1997 even though he was never alive for that year.

Hey Puppy Bowl – try giving all kinds of dogs a chance in 2016. Guess there’s a dark side to every sport.