A designer named Daniel Britton has created a typeface that makes it easier to empathize with people who have dyslexia.

before-after dyslexic type

Britton designed the font two years ago for a class project at the London College of Communications, but it recently resurfaced when he submitted it to DesignBoom — a website that features architecture, art, and designs.

“Dyslexia is a disability that is invisible and that’s its problem,” Britton said. “You can’t empathize or help someone else out unless you can see their problem.”

Dyslexia poster text black

Using Helvetica as a base font, the designer sliced the typeface up and it “sits on the boarder of being illegible.” As a result, he has essentially taken characteristics of each letter to create a new letter.

“I didn’t want anything too visually noisy,” he said. “I wanted to strip the font back to its most minimal.”

Daniel Britton Dyslexia

“The issue with dyslexia for me is that it’s great misunderstood and even more miscommunicated,” Britton said greatly. “You need to make someone else be in your shoes before they can empathize with your situation, before they can understand you.”

Dan Britton - Dyslexia - compressed 3

“Now we can look at better ways at aiding dyslexics, especially those [who are younger],” Britton adds. “These are the ones that count the most in my opinion. These are the ones that need the most help.”