I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep this month. On game nights, I’m up late watching, then up later trying to come down, like some sort of addict. On off nights, I’m getting around to all the things I didn’t get around to on game night. And the sick thing is, I actually like it.

I wouldn’t trade this Red Sox World Series run for anything (that’s a lie; I’d just rather not name the things I’d trade it for). It is a most pleasant and unexpected surprise. And you have to go back to the beginning of Boston’s “Titletown” run to find something that feels the same, as’s Eric Wilbur points out. Listen to Eric and me pontificate.

No, they haven’t won the World Series yet. But the Sox have two shots to do it, both at Fenway. And if they need that second chance, we’ll be watching Game 7 at Ned Devine’s for the RadioBDC Retro Halloween Ball.

Join us. You can sleep in all off in November.