Transatlanticism was hard. This was somewhat harder.

For the uninitiated, once a month I take a classic, well-known alternative or indie album and resequence it. The thinking is, these are albums we’ve all heard many, many times and in some ways maybe take for granted. Resequencing them forces us to listen to them with fresh ears.

It’s hard to find an alt-rock album more beloved than Weezer’s debut. And, come to find out, it’s hard to find an album from that era that flows better. It moves at a near-perfect pace from song to song, and closes with one of the all-time great album stoppers.

So I had my work cut out for me here. And it took a solid half-hour of staring at the track listing before I was able to settle on “Buddy Holly” as the new Blue Album opener (“Holiday” as the closer was a much easier choice). Take a look and a listen and check out what I sandwiched in between.