Arguably Radiohead’s finest album, turned inside-out.

First of all, let’s put the “Radiohead’s finest album” debate to bed straight out of the gate. We’re not here to rehash that. We’re here to put fresh ears ears to what is inarguably their best work.

This third installment of Resequenced was the most difficult so far, as the album’s sequencing is pretty close to perfect. There is balance to ‘The Bends,’ but it’s a subtle balance, and I wanted to keep that balance intact by not piggybacking similar-sounding songs. It’s also frontloaded with singles, which presents it’s own special sort of challenge. Luckily, I had a friend helping me out. And we had a bottle of whiskey helping us out. So in the end, you have a resequenced version of The Bends that will hopefully help you rediscover what truly is an amazing album.

Resequenced is a thing I’m doing monthly all year long. Check out Pearl Jam’s ‘Ten’ and Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ and hit me with a suggestion for a future edition if you have one.