Resequencing the classic 20 years on, complete with bonus tracks.

Earlier this year, I opted to resequence Radiohead’s all-time greatest album, The Bends, instead of their third-greatest album, OK Computer, despite it being the 20th anniversary of the latter. I’m glad I waited.

Back in June, the band released OKNOTOK, a remastering of OK Computer complete with all the bells and whistles one would expect from a reissued classic. Three of the bells and whistles are unreleased songs that were recorded during the sessions. So why not imagine they were released 20 years ago instead?

What follows is the twelve original tracks from OK Computer, plus the three unreleased tracks featured on OKNOTOK. The original sequencing is masterful, but I felt it could be improved upon by frontloading some of the stronger songs from the group of fifteen. Using “Fitter Happier” as a midway point, I built up a first side that is more uptempo overall and a second side that winds down as the album draws to a close. Within the two sides, however, there is still plenty of back-and-forth between tempos and vibes to provide balance on a song-to-song basis.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think.