As the band releases a new album, we look back at their second.

Everything Now is out now, so Arcade Fire is on everyone’s mind and in everyone’s ears. Let’s go back to 2007’s Neon Bible, which celebrated its 10-year anniversary last spring.

I took a slightly different approach to resequencing this album, not just looking at how the songs would segue together, but looking at connections between their titles as well. “Black Mirror” is a fine opener, so I kept it up front, but placed it after the title track, which I always thought would make a fitting intro to the album.

After that, it was “No Cars Go” into “Keep The Car Running.” The “car” songs not only dovetail in title, but segue together nicely. I employed this same train (car?) of thinking to “The Well And The Lighthouse” and “Ocean Of Noise,” which I used in tandem to bring the album to a close.

I’ve recreated my resequencing with the following Spotify playlist; dig in. And, as always, feel free to suggest a favorite album of yours for a future edition of Resequenced.