R. Kelly has one-upped himself again. Last night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the smooth (creepy?) R&B star stopped by to perform a medley of tracks from his upcoming album “Black Panties.” The silky-voiced stud kicked off the performance with “Genius,” which features him donned in a black, “Phantom of the Opera” mask while furiously playing a woman like a violin. Let me repeat: He was playing a woman like a violin.

It only seems appropriate as he does the same thing on the cover of his new album. She seems pretty unaffected by it though, as she proceeds to get up and do an interpretive dance off the stage.

R. Kelly made headlines this fall when he appeared with Lady Gaga on “Saturday Night Live” — and proceeded to simulate sex in a somehow more overt way than is typical in pop music performances. Kimmel also had fun with actor Benedict Cumberbatch reciting R. Kelly lyrics.

So how do you top playing a woman like a violin? He continues the performance by inviting out Georgia hip hop hotshot 2 Chainz for “My Story.” By the halfway point of the video, he’s down giving the crowd some love while 2 Chainz is keeping the dancers on stage busy. It is truly a spectacle, and gives hints that despite some slip-ups (that’s being nice) over the years, R. Kelly is willing to try anything.

What do you think? Did R. Kelly take this one too far, or is this just Robert being Robert in the best way possible?

By the way, “Black Panties” is out next Tuesday, Dec. 10, just in time for the holidays.