The brand new $30 million YMCA in Quincy will come complete with a Honey Dew Donuts — which will not sell doughnuts. The Patriot Ledger reports that the city’s licensing board approved the plan to open the doughnut shop, but that the menu must be approved by the YMCA leadership. The menus would include muffins that contain more calories and sugar than most doughnuts, but not doughnut themselves.

It’s understandable that the YMCA, an organization that promotes health, fitness, and wellness would not want doughnuts in its establishment, even though doughnuts are fun and yummy. It is odd, however, that a doughnut-hating organization like the YMCA would choose to associate itself with a chain like Honey Dew Donuts, unless I’m missing something here. Wouldn’t say, a salad chain or maybe like a Jamba Juice or granola bar store be a really good bet for this location? Maybe even a water fountain would have sufficed. Anyway, according to Google maps, there are two Dunkins within walking distance, so the Y can’t ruin everyone’s fun.

[Photo Credit: Wiki user Anthony92931]