Here at RadioBDC, we pride ourselves on breaking new artists. Bastille, Lorde, and Tove Lo were all played here long before they reached a wider audience. Here’s the rub, though: when an artist is brand new and unexposed, it’s sometimes difficult to find information on said artist. Say, for instance, the proper pronunciation of their name.

Take Swedish pop star Tove Lo for example. You read her name, you think: “Tove-low.” Not so fast.

Ah, so she answers to “Too-veh-loo.” So that’s the pronunciation, right? Wrong.

Turns out she was just being polite in the first clip. It’s “Tove-low” after all. OK, great. Let’s see if we can figure out the correct pronunciation for Irish musician Hozier.

Fantastic. There’s no right way to pronounce “Hozier,” which means there’s also no wrong way, so we’re all set.

Stay tuned for the next edition of the Pronunciation Guide, where we’ll tackle Iceland’s own Hermigervill.