Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘s “Mean Tweets” segment has become the stuff of legends since being introduced to audiences back in the late 2000s, so it’s not surprising that the ritual has made its way to the Commander-in-Chief himself, who stopped by to read a few criticisms on camera on last night’s show.

Cue “Everybody Hurts.”

“Well, RWSurferGirl, I think that’s a great idea,” Obama retorted.

He is sorry.

“You know, the ‘LOL’ is redundant with the ‘haha,'” he responded cordially. And the clincher –


This is the second time in recent weeks that the President has made an effort to connect with younger citizens, appearing in this Buzzfeed video in February with the same nod-and-wink “Thanks, Obama” approach.

Let’s be honest…we know there’s worse hate out there, but the fact that the POTUS was willing to poke a little fun at himself