There are multiple reasons why Pope Francis is the coolest Pope to date, and normally swearing doesn’t make you look cool (see: Will Smith’s squeaky clean rap career and why he still rules), but if you’re a Pope and you say the word “fuck,” that’s some pretty aggro stuff. In reality, Pope Francis just had a little slip-up while delivering his weekly prayer. Britain’s The Daily Mail reports that instead of saying the word “caso,” which means “example” in Italian, Pope Francis said “cazzo,” which among several different translations, is better known as the Italian version of the f-word.

The slip-up comes just before the six-minute mark in the video. For anyone who is terribly offended by this, please remember that Pope Francis is a native Spanish speaker, and while Spanish and Italian aren’t terribly different, there are many subtle ways to to mix things up. Plus, it makes people with dirty mouths feel a bit better about themselves to know that the Pope is saying these things too. If the Pope can do it, anyone can do it, right?