The rain in Boston has severely dampened my mood over the past two days, and sadly, it doesn’t look like the weather will be getting much better any time soon. To help you through these dark and wet days, I compiled a playlist of songs that are perfect for locking yourself up in your room and being sad.

I couldn’t make a rainy day playlist without including this song, which has rain in the title. Even though it isn’t summer anymore, this girly tune gets sad super quickly. If you have an unrequited crush on someone crank up this song, wrap yourself in your blanket, grab the ice cream, and let the tears flow.

I never thought a song named “Turd” would make me get super existential and cry, but leave it to Boston-based Krill to do just that. We talked with Krill about their upcoming album, and you can check that out here. Check out this jam if you want to hear the most beautifully tragic metaphor of a “turd spinning in flushing water.”

Leave it to another Boston-based band to continue the existential sadness of the playlist. At a recent show, when someone in the crowd asked the band to play a slow song, and “Holy Toledo” was their response. It’s probably one of the most upbeat songs on this playlist, but listening closely to lyrics like “bullet in the brain ‘cause my life’s a cliché” will certainly make you cry on this rainy day.

Sad about being single? With relatable lyrics like “I just want to get taken on a date,” Frankie Cosmos has just the track for you. But be forewarned, the song also talks about missing a dog, and what can get sadder than that?

When Boston-based label Run For Cover Records brought on Philly-natives Modern Baseball, emo kids everywhere finally had something to be happy about. This track, the last one on their latest LP “You’re Gonna Miss It All,” features guitarist Jake Ewald with an acoustic guitar and solo vocals.

I’m not sure how many sports fans also enjoy listening to twee music, but if that sounds like a great combo to you, check out this track by Quaterbacks. I wouldn’t even know if any sports teams have a rain delay today, but if you get sad about sports this is the tune for you.

More than sad, Elvis Depressedly’s Weird Honey is more of a slow-angry song. Lines like, “If there’s a cool spot in Hell, I hope you get it” really sting. But hey, sometimes you just need to be angry when it rains, right?

This summer, Boston’s Dylan Ewen released Giving Up, two tracks about being incredibly sad and hopeless. If the title of this song doesn’t give it away, the tune basically talks about being perpetually sad. This song is perfect for giving up hope, crying, and crying some more.

The second track off of Sorority Noise’s “Forgettable” starts, “Nobody likes me, that’s what I tell myself.” The self-deprecating song is pretty dark and lonely, but that’s what makes it perfect for a rainy day.

Jersey-based The Front Bottoms have blown up lately, and all for good reasons. The humble, sensitive guys write some pretty heartfelt lyrics. The title track from last year’s “Talon of the Hawk,” is the perfect way to end a rainy-day playlist. It’s still pretty introspective, but has such a great build that it’ll help you get out of bed and get on with your day. Or, you could just start the playlist over and sulk a little bit more. We’ve all been there before.