Whether you’re a musician, politician or notorious criminal, you know you’ve made it as an Object of National Interest when the New York Times writes about you. Just imagine how pizza, America’s Italian transplant and sweetheart, felt in this week in 1944 when they saw this sweet headline deemed as “news that’s fit to print.”  

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via New York Times

A pie made of yeast dough? I don’t know, sounds a little exotic to me, but maybe they’re onto something. But, like stars that came before it like hamburgers and Katharine Hepburn, pizza took years of paying its due in supporting roles before becoming the choice menu item it is today. The Times returned to the subject of pizza in 1947 lamenting its lack of popularity.

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via New York Times

“The pizza could be as popular a snack as the hamburger if Americans only knew more about it,” the piece reads, sounding suspiciously like your friend trying to sell you on binge-watching the original Skins series.

Thanks to the growing rate of Italian immigrants in the post-WWII era and iconic pizza places in areas like the North End in Boston and New York’s Little Italy, the food experienced a burst in popularity that refuses to wane.

That’s right, the sexy people want you to eat the pizza.

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So eat the pizza.

Of course, it takes a true artist years and years to hit its stride, and it wasn’t until the mid-1990s that pizza really hit its stride in American culture.

It hearkens back to that old rule of advertising – “It’s not cool until there’s skateboarding children endorsing it.”

Pizza could not be reached for comment for this piece, mostly due to the fact that it was in my belly.

[h/t NYT]