Just one more week of April showers left, so most of this weekend’s events are happening indoors. But then it’s all May flowers and sunshine from here on out! Or at least until the humidity kicks in and we get the occasional “summer shower” (that’s what I call it when you bump into a really sweaty guy on the T).

1. Thursday, April 24 – The Salty Pig Patio Party
The Salty Pig celebrates the opening of its outdoor patio by, what else, throwing an entire pig on the smoker for your eating and smelling pleasure. This is a very special pig roast, because they’ll be serving the pig that starred in “Babe: Pig in the City.” Just kidding! Somebody ate that pig years ago. (4:30 p.m., $15, all ages)

2. Thursday, April 24 – B.L.O.W.W. 10-Year Anniversary Brawl
If you’re a grown-ass man and you still watch wrestling on TV, I personally feel that you need to evaluate your life choices. But if you’re watching hot lady wrestlers body slam each other at a rock club? Totally fine. The Boston League of Women Wrestlers — who won the fan vote in BDCwire’s Hopsters beer brewing contest back in December — celebrate their 10-year anniversary with a special edition of their annual Blue Ball. Musical guests Slim Jim and the Mad Cows and Bent Knee round out the bill at T.T. the Bear’s. (8:30 p.m., $10-12, 18+)

3. Friday, April 25 – Art Week Boston
Don’t think Boston knows anything about art? How about a whole fahkin’ week of ahhht? Kicking off Friday, Art Week Boston technically lasts for 10 days, but when you’ve dedicated your life to art you don’t have time for calendars. Or money for calendars, those things are pricey unless you get them on markdown in December when they’re only good for a couple weeks. Check out workshops with Keith Lockhart or the Boston Ballet, pose for a fashion shoot, see the I-93 underpass illuminated, and lots more. (Various times and prices, all ages)

4. Saturday, April 25 – Serve & Sip
ONEin3 brings together Bostonians between the ages of 20 and 34 to put their youthful physiques to good use, in this case helping to clean up Dudley Square parks. After their Boston Shines Day Serve & Sip event, volunteers will adjourn to a local watering hole to socialize and maybe do the other thing that youthful body is good for (processing alcohol). (9:30 a.m., FREE, all ages)

5. Saturday and Sunday, April 26-27 – Brookline & Cambridge Open Studios
It’s dueling open studios! Two open studios enter, one open studio leaves! Galleries and artists’ studios in Brookline and Cambridge will open their doors to the public, facing off for the right to take on top-seeded Somerville, who earned a first-round bye. (12 p.m., FREE, all ages)

6. Saturday, April 26 – Laffenhaus
What goes better with live comedy than beer? There’s a reason so many comedy clubs have a two-drink minimum, and it’s so the clubs can make money, but I’m sure the comedians don’t mind either. Laffenhaus at Laugh Boston pairs a performance by the Improv Asylum comedy troupe with beers from 14 New England brewers. Try not to drink too much and blow right past the “everything is funny” stage into the “life is meaningless and I’ll be alone forever and ever and ever” stage. (1 p.m., $40, 21+)

7. Sunday, April 27 – Fighting Robots
Autonomous robots fight each other behind bulletproof glass at the Middle East, in the grand finale of the Cambridge Science Festival. Why the bulletproof glass? Because Skynet could become self-aware any day now and we must be vigilant. I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords. (1 p.m., FREE, all ages)

8. Sunday, April 27 – Mother’s Day Market
If finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift was easy, it would be called “your mom.” (Don’t tell your mom I said that about her.) The Somerville Local First Local is for Lovers Market sets up shop at Brooklyn Boulders with tons of original gift ideas for the big day in two weeks. It’s nice to buy a local gift because it’ll balance out your inevitable Mother’s Day dinner at some soulless chain restaurant that drops an entire beer-battered onion into a vat of oil and calls it a light appetizer. (10 a.m., FREE, all ages)

Photo credit:Mike Burns via Flickr


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