The Oscars tend to be packed full of its fair share of both surefire locks and total surprises. Movies pick up or lose steam in the weeks leading up to the ceremony, drunk celebrities make us scratch our heads.

Another thing has been certain for come Oscar season: the scourge of the pushy, disrespectful, smarmy play-off music.

We all know the scenario: someone gets an award. They have too many people to thank. They stumble over the words to get them out, to no avail, and the music plays, telling them to put a sock in it and let the show go on.

Well, folks, one man had the temerity to stand up and shout “No more!” Except, that “No More!” sounded a lot more like “take another drink!”

Polish director and newly crowned Oscar winner Pawel Pawlikowski won for his film Ida. He took the stage alone, and rattled off a ton of heartwarming thank-yous, most notably to his deceased wife and parents. Before tugging at the heart strings any more, he took a quick detour, to commend his home country, and to command them to get plastered. Watch it below.

Thank you, Pawel Pawlikowski, the hero the 87th Annual Oscars deserved.