Patriots fans spend game day at Gillette Stadium getting hyped to the sounds of AC/DC and U2. But when they’re not cheering on Tom Brady, they’re apparently going crazy for Harry Styles and One Direction, if data from StubHub is to be believed.

Patriots One Direction

Blame it on teenage girls all you want, but the Patriots were the only team in the league for which One Direction stood above the rest. The Wall Street Journal has more on StubHub’s methodology.

The online ticket retailer examined data on ticket purchases on the secondary market for all 32 NFL teams, since 2012, and cross-referenced which musical act each team’s fans most commonly also purchased tickets for over that period. One Direction, which just released its fourth album, may be a global sensation, but on the planet NFL, the British quintet only won New England.

Don’t feel too embarrassed, Patriots fans. Fans of the Detroit Lions (the Patriots’ next opponent) love Rihanna and Eminem, while Broncos fans can’t get enough of Katy Perry. But now that we know Patriots fans are hardcore Directioners, we’ll be sure to include plenty of 1D videos in all our Patriots coverage going forward.

[h/t Wall Street Journal]