This weekend, take a walk down the runway, take a long look at some priceless art, and take a break from a road race to eat burgers. Oh and take a laser to some chocolate, because why not?

1. Sunday, April 13 – Guac Off
Rock out with your guac out! The Painted Burro in Davis Square “pits” 12 of the best guacamole recipes against each other in its annual Guac Off contest judged by guests and celebrity judges. Because presentation counts (you eat with your eyes, after all) here’s my one-word piece of advice for contestants: Guacodiles. (3 p.m., FREE, all ages)

Photo credit: Two Hungry Dudes/Creative Commons


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2. Sunday, April 13 – Laser-cut Edibles
Ever chow down on cookies or chocolates and think to yourself, wouldn’t these be even tastier if they were hand-cut by lasers? This three-hour class from Central Square laser-cutting workshop danger!awesome — Boston’s second-most trusted authority on lasers after Dustin Pedroia, obviously — will leave you with unique laser-cut cookie cutters and chocolates designed by you. They’ll make for great gifts, or just things you take one picture of then immediately devour, because chocolate. (2 p.m., $50, all ages)

3. Saturday, April 12 – Dirty Nerdy Revue
More fun for the PAX East crowd: Davis Square Theatre’s Dirty Nerdy Revue burlesque show draws inspiration from comics, internet and gaming culture. That’s right, these girls are genuine geeks and nerds, not just regular hot girls who put glasses on for a night. Geek chic? More like geek cheeks, because buttcheeks, (8 p.m., $15, 21+)

4. Saturday, April 12 – Kawaii-me
This interactive runway extravaganza — that’s two extravaganzas this weekend, if you’re keeping track — celebrates fashion- and beauty-related businesses in Somerville’s Union Square. Go backstage at a fashion show with hair, makeup and clothing stations, then walk the runway and stop for a photo-op with your best “Blue Steel” pose. (5 p.m., FREE, all ages)

5. Saturday, April 12 – b.good Dine ‘n Dash
The local burger chain’s Burger Brigade Dine ‘n Dash combines competitive running with competitive eating: Complete a 3.4-mile run while stopping to eat at four Boston b.good locations, then party at J.J. Foley’s after the race. It’s all the fun of dining and dashing, without the unrelenting guilt that your server probably had to cover the price of the meal, couldn’t pay rent and ended up on the street all because you were drunk and wanted to save 12 bucks at IHOP. (10 a.m., $20, all ages)

6. Thursday, April 10 – Boston Cinema Census
The Brattle Theatre’s annual showcase of short films by local filmmakers spans narrative, documentary and experimental works. Unlike some other censuses (ahem, Somerville) they won’t take your name off the voter registration rolls just because you never mailed back any of the 37 letters they sent you. One of the festival’s featured films is “Fetch,” from director Ben Pender-Cudlip, which has to be a nice feeling after years of people telling him to stop trying to make “Fetch” happen. (8 p.m., $10, all ages)

7. Friday, April 11 – Harmonix PAX East Extravaganza
The massive PAX East gaming convention arrives in town this weekend (a weird name for gaming conference because Pax was the Roman goddess of peace and video games are responsible for most of the world’s violence). Cambridge game developers Harmonix celebrate Friday night at LaughBoston with an extravaganza featuring gaming, music, and a free Rock Band guitar for all attendees. There’s also an hour-long open bar with unlimited drinks after you enter the Contra code. (6 p.m., $20, 21+)

8. Saturday, April 12 – Slow Art Day
The average museum visitor spends an average of just 10 seconds looking at each piece of art. By comparison, the average person spends three minutes looking at each doge meme. To help close the gap, national Slow Art Day at the MFA, ICA and MIT’s List Center welcome participants to look at five works for 10 minutes each, then discuss their experiences over lunch. If you’re ever in D.C., stop by the Phillips Collection and spend at least 10 minutes in the Rothko room. The red and green one is my favorite. (11 a.m., free with museum admission, all ages)