Things that can torpedo your day instantly:

  • Forgetting your cell phone at home
  • Discovering that the office kitchen only has decaf
  • Getting a parking ticket

That last one will really cramp your style. And in a photo posted on Twitter by the Halifax Police Sunday, a three-year-old boy from Canada captures the frustration of it perfectly.

According to CTV Atlantic, the boy pictured is three-year-old Declan Tramley, who loves to wear his leather jacket and ride his toy motorcycle.

Apparently, though, Declan parked his bike in a no-parking zone July 4, and that’s when his trouble started.

“The police officer went over and started pretending to write him a ticket,” says Declan’s mother Lisa Tramley in a CTV Atlantic video.

Truth be told, Declan might not be as distressed by his parking ticket as he appears in the Tweeted photo.

“He loves his ticket,” Lisa says in the CTV Atlantic video. “He tried to go to sleep with his ticket, actually.”

Declan, just wait until you get a real one.