The Academy Awards telecast is a big deal for ABC, one of the few reliable live non-sport-related television events that still draws a crowd in the age of DVR and time-shifted viewing. And yet many who chose to watch the telecast on ABC’s official streaming site got treated to an unprompted airing of The Social Network a couple hours into the show.

ABC’s “Watch ABC” app has been in a seemingly endless beta testing cycle, only available in a limited number of cities. If you were lucky enough to live in one of those cities, you were treated to a whole bunch of Jesse Eisenberg.

According to The Verge, after briefly playing the film, the stream suddenly restarted, once again playing The Social Network from the beginning.

Given that the network managed to interrupt one of the few telecasts people are actually using the app for with either the 2010 Best Picture nominee or an episode of Jeopardy (depending on which city you live in) it’s safe to say they’ll keep it in beta a bit longer.

social network gif

[h/t The Verge]