Remember when the Ghostbusters took down the big-ass giant, lumbering paranormal monster, better known as Mr. Stay-Puft in the landmark sci-fi comedy mashup “Ghostbusters”? I mean how could you forget? The large white humanoid figure made of conjoined marshmallows charging down the street as the guys in grey made their move. It really doesn’t get much better than that….really, I mean the 1984 movie continues to be enduringly popular and will be celebrating it’s 30th birthday this Sunday, June 7.

In addition to the re-release of the film in more than 700 theaters this August, and a Ghostbusters themed touring fan art exhibit that has been hitting major cities all over the country, one particularly excited infographer, Mike Seiders threw together a seriously detailed infographic that traces the entire history of the film, from original casting options to the development of the Proton Pack. Take a gander.