Don’t call it a comeback!

It’s been eleven years since Tommy Wiseau released “The Room” upon the world. In the time since, it’s grown from an obscure midnight movie making the rounds in L.A. to a glorified cult classic. While we were all (and still are) endlessly quoting “The Room” and its “interesting” dialogue, many have wondered: what happened to the modern day Ed Wood?

Aside from touring alongside “The Room” and doing a handful of throwaway gigs, it appeared that Tommy Wiseau wasn’t up to much… until now. It has now been announced that a failed television pilot that he produced called “The Neighbors” is now back in action. It even has a few trailers (unsurprisingly bizarre), a tentative premiere (September), and a lovely website with all the knowledge you may ever need.

From the trailer, I cannot say for certain what the show is about. Underwear parties? Tommy Wiseau sporting a blonde wig? Maybe a taste of this official plot synopsis will clear things up:

“The Neighbors is a sitcom about the relationship between a group of neighbors who live in an apartment building… This cocktail of characters always guarantee plenty of surprises. The demographic is all inclusive.”

Something tells me that “The Neighbors” won’t be your average sitcom.