Does this Instagram hint that LeBron is getting restless in Cleveland and is interested in becoming a Celtic? Nope, not in the least!

But you are seeing this Instagram correctly, King James was at Fenway yesterday for what was loosely referred to as an “idea exchange.” Before the Cavs take on the Celts in Boston tonight, LeBron joined west coast hip-hop legend and business big wig Dr. Dre among other business influencers on a panel to discuss the interaction between athletes, sponsors, and the fans that follow them.

LeBron James

And LeBron is definitely a smart choice for such a position. He has the second most Twitter followers of any athlete in the world, he’s the face of Nike and McDonald’s among others, and clearly, when he Instagrams, people will share it. Joining the man with the most feared headwear in the NFL makes sense, as Dr. Dre knows a thing or two about making his brand visible. Let’s hope that maybe, just maybe, LeBron was so transformed by the history of Fenway that he’s rethinking his plans for the future (?).