One of the great ’80s video game classics is making its move to a modern console: “Duck Hunt,” a wildly popular game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), will be offered on the Wii U.

Once all the presents are open, Wii U owners can unwrap their non-physical gift by downloading “Duck Hunt” on the Wii U Virtual Console. Though the price has yet to be specified, it will likely be in line with other Virtual Console prices.

Nintendo has clearly recognized the game’s enduring popularity, even introducing the Duck Hunt Dog as a playable character in the new “Super Smash Bros.” game.

Unfortunately, one of the best parts of “Duck Hunt” won’t make it to the Wii U: the original NES Duck Hunt Gun — still a wildly popular item on Amazon and eBay — will not be compatible with the Wii U. The visceral pleasure of shooting birds (and that damn dog) will be diminished with a Wiimote instead of a plastic gun, but them’s the breaks.

[h/t Paste Magazine]