Jenny Gotfredson has been living in a barn for 30 years.

In the North Shore town of Hamilton, you’ll find down a long dirt road, hidden behind mansions and guarded by the outside world by a thicket, a barn that is home to a few horses, a few kids and the matriarch, Jenny.

For 30 years, the barn has been in a constant state of renovation, all the while being lived in, after, of course, electricity and running water were installed. In the beginning it was just a horse barn; a literal blank slate for someone to come along and make their own. Jenny saw a project house. At the start, she knew the work that it would entail, but she also could see the end result. After all these years, she can look at the house she helped build and smile at all the memories, all the adventures, and all the pieces to the puzzle that made an old barn into a home.