Some dude who took photos up women’s skirts on the MBTA back in 2010 is finally going to trial. And since his female lawyer supports his First Amendment defense, saying that ladies “cannot expect privacy” in public places like the train, perhaps it’s time for women to come up with creative ways to protect their nether regions from ending up on the far corners of the Internet.

1. The potato sack decoy
Place your skirted body completely inside and pull about waist high. Tighten with some sort of elastic band or string for a free range of movement. You’ll have to hop around the already packed train in a somewhat haphazardly fashion, but at least you won’t tempt tech-savvy riders to snap a pic that way. A sleeping bag also works.

2. Consider alternate forms of transportation
Hailing a cab, buying a car, or riding two wheels to get to work is an option. But more than a million people ride the trains, buses, and commuter rail in Boston each week. Let’s say, eh, roughly half are women and, eh, roughly half of them wear skirts. OK, maybe a third. I’m bad at math things, but if they all forgo the train for other forms of transportation, I see post-apocalyptic traffic jams and treacherous bike pile-ups.

3. Bust out that Snuggie!
We all have one in our closet from that hilarious and creative Secret Santa four years ago. It’s never been easier to protect yourself from being violated (which, remember, we should expect). Just throw it on over your clothes and wrap tightly around that skirt, ladies! Mine is leopard print.

4. Just don’t wear skirts
If we don’t want photos taken up our skirts, we should just wear pants instead. It’s that simple, right? People have been telling women to blame what happens to them on their choice of clothing for years anyway.