Last week, the Newburyport Daily News proved that having a good layout design can make all the difference.

When the July 3 edition of the paper came out with the lead story of “A great day for kids” ironically juxtaposed to the headline “Ruling releases sex offenders,” Reddit was quick to quip on the ignorance of the local paper. The editorial misstep from the small coastal hamlet has since spread across the Internet, but there’s no word on whether the Daily News’ art director has emerged from the shame cloud that’s been shrouding his desk.

Obviously, this kind comedy is serendipitous and rare, so we’ll hold back on any criticisms on the declining quality of the print media and just enjoy a good belly laugh. Redditor NES_SNES_N64 also had this absurd front-page flub to share:


Oh, the facepalms.