Enough with the time lapse videos, huh?

That’s typically what we’d say in a situation like this, but let’s get real, they’re always a good watch. This particular short, called a “Moving Portrait” of Boston by student filmmakers Erik Rojas and Chris Roewe, makes it all look so easy.

It captures everything we missed about the Spring that didn’t really seem to happen this year. The thaw of the Charles, the blooming of the trees on Comm Ave, the opening of The Hatch Shell (yes the Hatch Shell is open, but nothing really ever happens there) — it’s all captured through this lens, making for a Boston-themed cross of Ken Burns and “Friday Night Lights” (cue the Explosions In The Sky track). The film goes a bit into BU mode (someone better have gotten an A on this), but overall, it’s rather tasteful and spirited, right down to the wild facial expressions of those loud break dancers at Faneuil Hall.

So yes, time lapse videos are pretty “hot” right now, but hell, people love Boston, and if these videos capture its beauty without all of the construction noise and bad drivers and crappy winters and complaining– we say that’s a win. Now if only somebody could do a time lapse video of me growing a mustache, we’d really get an idea of what true beauty looks like.