Two years ago, my son took his first-ever ski lesson at Waterville Valley. That same winter, I stepped onto a snowboard for the first time in fifteen years. Guess which one of us has progressed more over the last two seasons?

Here’s a shot of my son and his sister on their first day out at Waterville’s Kids Venture Kamp.


Adorable, right? And we couldn’t have asked for a better first day out for the kids. Waterville is top-notch when it comes to first-timers. After his first day at Kamp, he was able to do this:



Flash-forward two years and two more lessons at Waterville, and the kid is cruising rollers on Roy’s Loop.



Big thanks to Chris (pictured) for helping my guy work on his turns. So yes, my nine-year-old is now leaving me in the dust all over the trails at Waterville Valley. Conditions, by the way, were spectacular over the weekend, and will continue to be that way throughout March. Click here to find out more about Waterville’s programs for all ages and abilities, and click here to find out where the RadioBDC Drafters will be wrapping up the 2015 season.