The Music Video Roundup brings you a handful of the most memorable videos to hit the web. Included this week are new videos from Swearin’, Arctic Monkeys, and Arcade Fire.

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Lyric videos are typically lame, with their useless images and horrible fonts, but Arcade Fire upped the creativity in the video for “Afterlife”. The band builds a mini novella, splicing together clips from the 1959 film, “Black Orpheus”. The cinematic theme comes full circle upon learning a track on Reflektor is cleverly named “It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus)”.

It would be a shame if only one Arcade Fire video was included in this week’s roundup. Especially considering their fourth album is now officially streaming as 75-minute lyric video. The months of vague campaigning and viral marketing were worth the hype, as Reflektor is yet another masterpiece from the Canadian super group.

Arctic Monkeys bust out their finest three-piece suits, grease back their hair, and bring the party to the cornfield in their new video for “One For The Road”.

Philly’s Swearin’ have released a new song and video in anticipation of their sophomore record, Surfing Strange. The video for “Dust In The Gold Sack” is simple, casual, and incredibly delightful.