The Music Video Roundup brings you a handful of the most memorable videos to hit the web this week. This roundup features videos from The Pixies, Arcade Fire, Bombay Bicycle Club, and Queens of the Stone Age.

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Arcade Fire is back with a second video for “Afterlife”. Say what you want about their music, but Arcade Fire has created some of the most entertaining and cinematic videos this year. The heart-wrenching, eight minute video tracks the dream world of a widowed father and his two sons, each on their own individual journey. Maybe the third video for “Afterlife” will feature a group of angsty fans who start a revolution after being asked to wear costumes and formal attire to a concert.

It would seem that interactive music videos are becoming a popular trend this year. Remember how basically every movie released in 2010 was unnecessarily viewable in 3D? I predict that music vids are going to follow the same unfortunate route. Regardless of my personal opinion on the fate of videos, I have included Bombay Bicycle Club‘s newest creation to the roundup. The first format for “Carry Me” is a straightforward stop-motion video, beautifully animated to match their new and evolved sound. While in the interactive video, viewers get to play puppet master as they manipulate the dancer’s and band member’s movements. Their fourth album, Carry Me is out February 7th.

Pixies choose to blow up guitarist Joey Santiago in the rather mild and uneventful video for “What Goes Boom”. Personally, I’m surprised they didn’t use an actress who looked suspiciously similar to their former bassist.

Also following the interactive trend, The Queens of The Stone Age have created two viewing options for their new ballad, “The Vampyre Of Time And Memory”. If interactive videos aren’t your thing, worry not! For there is a directors cut that is equally as creepy.