The Music Video Roundup brings you a handful of the most memorable videos to hit the web. Included this week are new videos from The Dismemberment Plan, Kevin Devine, Poliça, and Kodaline.

As far as Kevin Devine is concerned, releasing one album at a time is for underachievers. Although released simultaneously, Bulldozer and Bubblegum are completely separate, standalone albums that allowed him to sway between genres and explore stylings otherwise overlooked. Kevin and the Goddamn Band will be at Brighton Music Hall on November 24th along with another RadioBDC favorite, Now Now.


To be entirely honest, I did not have high expectations for Polica’s sophomore album, Shulamith. After suddenly breaking onto the scene last year, Polica was tasked with proving they were more than a one-release wonder. While still staying true to their expected gloom, swoon, and auto-tune, Polica have returned sounding more polished, cohesive, and honest. Below is the video for their first single “Waiting”, and you can listen to the album over at NPR before it drops on the 21st.


Kodaline have released a sequel to last year’s depressing, yet heroic video for “All I Want”. The second part of this epic tale, features the same disfigured man as he desperately searches for his canine companion. Equally as heartbreaking and touching as Part 1, this installment will probably give you the warm fuzzies. Kodaline brought all the feelings to the Globe Media Lab on Tuesday’s Live in The Lab. Watch the replay here.

It has been 12 long years since the world has been blessed with new music from The Dismemberment Plan. The wait is finally over with the anticipated release of their fifth studio album, Uncanny Valley. The D-Plan has effortlessly picked up where they left off in the quirky and vibrant video for “Waiting”.