First up on this week’s Music Video Roundup is the ultimate Canadian supergroup. Arcade Fire is flawless and everything they touch turns to gold. This isn’t actually a music video but it is the video for their performance of their single “Reflektor” from the season premiere of Saturday Night Live.

Jake Bugg put some pep in step for his new single, “What Doesn’t Kill You”. His debut album isn’t even a year old yet he is already getting ready to release his follow up, Shangri La in November.

What happens in Vegas ends up in the new video for The Killers.

(Adam 12 wishes he was Brandon Flowers)

My obsession with Charli XCX grows with every listen to her debut album, True Romance. The new video for her single “Superlove” is incredibly captivating, bright, and sassy. Luckily Charli has rescheduled her previously postponed US tour and will be at the Sinclair on November 12th.

Contrasting the dazzling world of Charli XCX, is Savages’ dark and angsty video for “Husbands”. These grrls are fierce and their new video is intense and gloomy. I would suggest skipping this video if worms and other bugs creep you out.