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With the Super Bowl just around the corner, a little friendly Seattle and Boston rivalry seems to be coming up everywhere — even between art museums.

The Seattle Art Museum is so confident in the Seahawks that they challenged two New England museums to a #MuseumBowl Twitter Throwdown. And unlike the bogus Super Bowl bet between Massachusetts Governor Charlier Baker and Washington Governor Jay Inslee, there are actual stakes for this wager. The winning museum “gets the privilege of displaying a major work of art from the other museum for three months.”

What’s at stake: For the Seattle Art Museum (SAM), it’s the Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast from 1870 by Albert Bierstadt (which New England will soon inherit).

puget sound picture

On the other hand, Boston stands to lose West Point, Prout’s Neck from 1990 by Winslow Homer which is currently housed in Clark Art Institute (CAI).

west point proust

It’s the Seattle Art Museum versus The Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) and the Clark Art Institute. Let the Twitter battle begin!

Although we’re not entirely sure who threw the first punch, does it really matter? Boston’s got this Twitter Throwdown in the bag. Good one, MFA. 1-0 to Boston.

The CAI then showed SAM just how resilient of a city Boston is.

But SAM was quick to respond. How original.

Fortunately, not as quickly as the MFA.

Seattle got downright cocky with its next tweet.

We already know that not only are The Patriots going to win, Boston’s also going to claim this throwdown championship title. CAI knew it too.

Really, Seattle? More DeflateGate shots?

Boston’s got Belichick, what do the Seahawks have?

You may not need Rosetta Stone, but you might want to get a Kleenex or two.

The Seahawks better be prepared for a battle.

But no battle is without wounds.

But the Patriots undoubtedly have the better and stronger warriors.

Then the MFA took Seattle’s taunts…

And threw it right back at them.

Not only is Boston going to climb their way to another Super Bowl Victory, we’re going to do it in style.