MuckRock is back with more documents and some audience participation. This week we learn about CIA defectors, the government crashing drones, and how some people still can’t stomach the venerable “F” word.

1. #Rejected vanity plates project
That shit sipper in the Stingray with the “VETTE” license plate? He originally wanted “DCHEBG” but the motor vehicle department wouldn’t allow it. Inspired by a user’s request, MuckRock launched a vanity plate rejection project aimed at digging up lists of plate profanity all over the country. The jury is still out on Massachusetts but three other states have turned over their lists.

2. #Customs and Border Protection crashing drones
As the debate over unmanned aircraft carries on, U.S. Customs and Border Protection can’t seem to keep theirs in the air. Back in January the agency crash-landed one of its drones off the coast of San Diego. Mum’s the word regarding what the aircraft was doing when it crashed.

3. #BuzzFeed founder analogizes Mormons and Jews
Two time new media founder Jonah Peretti used Mormonism and Judaism to tell an audience at University of Florida that quality editorial content doesn’t win on its own. He contrasted the stagnation of Judaism over the past half century with the growth of Mormonism over the same time period to make his point. What?

4. #CIA defector ducks the FBI
Back in August of glorious 1990 — the same week that Deee-Lite released “World Clique” — two U.S. Embassy workers in Moscow bumped into a drunk dude. They probably bumped into many drunk dudes in Moscow but this one turned out to be a CIA defector who had gracefully ditched an FBI tail after a sour ending with his former employer put him on the watch list. Listen to the MuckRock podcast of Edward Lee Howard’s FBI file so you can learn how to lose a spook when your time comes.

5. #FCC complaints against Boston’s college radio stations
“I have heard vulgarity up to, and including, the ‘F’ word.”

Oh dear! What are we gonna do? NOT THE F WORD!?!?!

Even though the Federal Communications Commission produced only nine records, these — good people — are rich.

One whiney waste of space didn’t even bother to explain their issue. They simply copied the lyrics of Xzibit’s “Paparazzi” which allegedly aired on WHRB and attached a link to a video proving that the station had played the song.