Clichés are cliché because, more often than not, they’re true. And none seems to be truer than the one about how money can’t buy happiness. One man who recently came into a few billion dollars is perhaps the most recent person to attest to that.

Markus Persson is the founder of Minecraft, the popular video game that allows users to create and explore their own virtual worlds.

Microsoft To Acquire Maker Of Popular Minecraft Game For 2.5 Billion

In September 2014, Persson sold Minecraft to Microsoft for a hefty $2.5 billion sum.

As you can probably imagine, billions of dollars have a way of changing a person’s life. In Persson’s case, that change was not necessarily for the better.

On Saturday, Persson took to Twitter, posting a string of tweets about his disillusion with his newfound life of the rich and famous.

From the outside looking in, Persson’s life has seemed pretty glamorous since he sold Minecraft. According to a profile of Persson by Forbes, he’s been on days-long vodka Red Bull benders, bought a $70 million home in Beverly Hills, and footed the bill for lavish parties and trips to Las Vegas.

But, though he was constantly surrounded by pals and party-goers, Persson apparently felt more alone than ever.

Does this all sound like the plot to every single Sofia Coppola movie? Maybe. But it’s also an important reminder that money doesn’t erase problems.

Shortly after he first posted about his dissatisfactions, Persson followed up with a tweet that said not having to hide his feelings already made it easier for him to cope. He also thanked people for offering to hang out with him and chat.

This morning, Persson tweeted an update on how he’s feeling.