You know that feeling when you’re shoveling off your car in the freezing cold at the crack of dawn and all you can do is smile? Me neither, because for any normal person, that doesn’t exist. Luckily, there are certain pick-me-ups amid this dreary weather. (No, I’m not talking about hard drugs. Yes, I might be talking about a little Schnapps in your hot chocolate.) The best thing to take your mind off matters, though, is music. Here are some jams to help you out.

1. Beyonce (feat. Drake) – “Mine”
In case you’re living under a rock, it’s doubtful you missed the entire self-titled visual album that Beyonce dropped late last week out of nowhere. This is one of the standout tracks, “Mine,” featuring Drake.

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2. Black Lips – “Boys in the Wood”
It makes a lot of sense that the Black Lips’ new LP “Underneath the Rainbow” was produced by the Black Keys’ Patrick Carney. This track is a snarly build upon the bluesy cuts of the Black Keys’ 2010 standout, “Brothers.”

3. Disco Doom – “Rice & Bones”
Zurich-based trio Disco Doom is the only international band on the roster of red-hot label Exploding in Sound Records. As the band preps its new album “Numerals,” this track is a more tempered, slow-burner, rather than an explosive punk romp.

4. Disclosure – “Help Me Lose My Mind (SOHN Remix)”
Disclosure’s “Settle” appeared on countless year-end best-of lists, so it’s only appropriate that there is a remix compilation of the album in the works. This re-shuffling of “Help Me Lose My Mind” by London producer SOHN, adds a twinkly discotheque grind to the already atmospheric dance track.

5. Tears For Fears – “My Girls (Animal Collective cover)”
’80s new wave duo Tears For Fears has already re-worked tracks by Arcade Fire and Hot Chip this year, but this time the band takes on Animal Collective’s 2009 hit “My Girls.” The already bizarre track is given a dancier makeover, complete with handclaps and a healthy dose of synth.

6. You Blew It! – “House Address”
Orlando’s You Blew It! is one of the bands at the head of the charge of the latest emo revival, and the trio is doing so on Massachusetts-based Topshelf Records. “House Address” will appear on the band’s upcoming “Keep Doing What You’re Doing,” due out in January. It’s a promising mix of influences, none of which involve jet black hair or Hot Topic swag.

7. The Soul Shop – “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”
The folks at Medford’s all analog recording studio The Soul Shop include members of The New Lights, Faces On Film, and more. The collective has recorded a six-song Christmas album at the studio, half a mile from where “Jingle Bells” was written. See the band perform the album in full on Dec. 20 at The Plough and Stars, and check out this take of a Phil Spector tune, featuring the lead guitar of Dave Hinckley.

Last Month Of The Year by The Soul Shop

8. The Field Effect – “Blue Christmas”
The local quartet — and recent recipients of a Boston Music Award for “Song of the Year” — cranks up the metronome for a blazing cover of the melancholy seasonal Elvis classic.