If you’re an astrology aficionado, today’s a good day – after three weeks, Mercury is out of retrograde. So, what now?

Mercury is known as a planet that wreaks astrological havoc when it goes into retrograde between three and four times a year, and is named as such because of the illusion of the planet moving backwards. Whether you’re a believer or not, some truly abysmal history has taken place while Mercury was doing its Mercury thing, from the Titanic disaster to the Gore-Bush election disaster.

Now that the planets have settled, get back to business and see what’s next for you with our specially designed cootie catcher, perfect for killing the time between now and 5 p.m.


If you haven’t folded a cootie catchers since the fourth grade, check out this easy instructional video

Does this mean we can blame all the snow on Mercury? Cool.