We first spotted Massachusetts native Chris Fleming as he was reverse-heckling a chatty bro at a show in Cambridge last month. Little did we know he’d be shakin’ it for the camera in front of millions in a Super Bowl ad less than a month later. 

Fleming, known for his wild stand-up routines as well as his Internet alter-ego Gayle Waters-Waters, appeared in a rather strange, but entertaining ad for Loctite glue last night. He, along with several other glue enthusiasts, bounced fervently to a Loctite-inspired dubstep beat. Fleming’s best move comes with a Dikembe Mutombo-esque wag of the finger at 12 seconds. 

Fleming will be back in Boston on March 20, performing as Gayle for two sets at the Brattle Theatre.  

[h/t Sanjay and Nick]