Marvel took a page out of Apple’s marketing playbook today by holding a “Marvel Event,” where the company announced all the movies they’ll be releasing from now until the end of 2019. Spoiler alert: There’s a lot of sequels.

The live event, held in Hollywood and emceed by Marvel president Kevin Feige, unveiled the slate of movies Marvel is calling “Phase Three,” another chapter in the interconnected Marvel Comic Universe. Here’s a full list of the 9 films and release dates announced at the event, along with 9 previously announced titles.


“Avengers: Age of Ultron” May 1, 2015

“Ant-Man” July 17, 2015

“The Fantastic Four” August 7, 2015


“Deadpool” February 12, 2016

“Captain America: Civil War” May 6, 2016

“X-Men Apocalypse” May 27, 2016

“Doctor Strange” November 4, 2016

“Sinister Six” November 11, 2016


“Untitled Wolverine Sequel” March 3, 2017

“Guardians of the Galaxy 2” May 5, 2017

“Untitled Fantastic Four Sequel” July 14, 2017

“Thor: Ragnarok” July 28, 2017

“Black Panther” November 3, 2017


“Avengers: Infinity War Part 1” May 6, 2018

“Captain Marvel” July 6, 2018

“The Amazing Spiderman 3” Late 2018

“Inhumans” November 2, 2018


“Avengers: Infinity War Part 2” May 3, 2019


I’ve admired Marvel’s synergistic approach to their “Creative Universe” in the past. Fans love seeing their favorite superheroes team up on screen, and from a business standpoint, every Marvel movie becomes a chance to¬†set up prequels, sequels, and spin-offs at will. But this Marvel Event officially has me off the bandwagon. Only the most ardent Marvel fanboys can possibly be excited by the prospect of 18 movies (and likely more to be announced) over the next 5 years — for most of us, that constitutes superhero overload.

[h/t Marvel]