Anacondas are having a super hot year so far, thanks mostly to Nicki Minaj, who I’m pretty sure wasn’t directly referring to the large reptile native to tropical South America, but the snake isn’t done making 2014 its ultimate prey just yet. On December 7, Discovery Channel will run “Eaten Alive,” in which “naturalist and wildlife filmmaker” (industry jargon for “madman” and “ultimate savage”) Paul Rosolie will enter inside the stomach of an anaconda, for science of course.

Rosolie, who has spent a little time in the Amazon before, will wear a “custom-built snake-proof suit,” which sounds like something Indiana Jones should totally wear, and if the little info provided by Discovery’s website hints correctly, he’s going to basically let the giant snake swallow him whole. Sounds like a brilliant approach with no room for error.

Ever since the 1998 masterpiece “Anaconda,” the one thing that has resonated with me about anacondas is that it’s probably best to stay as far away from anacondas as possible. The Internet has also provided countless visual aid that these beastly snakes can swallow really large things like cows, crocodiles, and hippopotamuses and the meal usually doesn’t end up getting the better part of the deal.

America will be watching, Paul. What I’ll be watching for though, is to see how the hell you’ll get out. All I’m envisioning is something like Jim Carrey emerging from the fake rhino’s ass in “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls,” which I guess would be pretty hilarious.

[h/t Uproxx, image via Discovery]