There are people in this world with too few brain cells and too much time on their hands yearning for social media attention. But it’s those people and their Internet videos that keep us happy and make work a little less boring. Case in point: This guy who turned himself into a human Mentos and Diet Coke experiment.

Recently, a man covered himself in Mentos and jumped into a tub full of Coke Zero. Does any more really need to be said?

Well, that was anticlimactic.

And then there’s this guy.

Almost six minutes long, and nothing. It’s like these guys never thought about how the air pressure of the bottled soda was a key part of the equation.

One guy decided getting dunked was the way to go.

Though that last one looked the most professional, none of them were especially impressive. But if we know anything about the Internet, someone will figure out the equation for creating the best, silliest, bubble bath ever.

Until then, enjoy the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment video that started it all.