South Wales resident Alan Knight was set to stand trial for scamming a neighbor out of $65,000, but the trial was delayed after Knight slipped into a coma. Or that’s what the official story was, until Knight was caught on video walking around a store, driving a car, and observed by doctors to, you know, not be in a coma.


How it took this long to prove Knight was not only faking a coma, but also faking paralysis in order to receive medical benefits from an alleged neck injury suffered closing a garage door, is beyond me. But the Daily Mail has more:

The father-of-three was caught on CCTV at the Severn bridge toll on the M4 as he travelled back from the south coast. He was also captured on CCTV in Tesco stores across the country after police traced the use of the family’s loyalty club card.

Officers tried ‘at least twice’ to bring him to court but each time he admitted himself to hospital claiming his condition had worsened. Swansea Crown Court was told he had ‘pulled the wool’ over his GP’s eyes but he was unable to fool doctors at the hospital.

While he was on ‘observations’ they spotted him eating, wiping his face and even writing. Knight was told he would have to stand trial even if he did not attend, and he finally appeared in court in a wheel chair and wearing a neck brace.

Even after all that, he showed up to court in a wheelchair and neck brace. That’s commitment.

[h/t Gawker, The Daily Mail]