This is Theron Humphrey and his dog, Maddie.

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Theron and Maddie are traveling across the country.

Along the way, they’re working on a project called “Four x Three,” to tell the stories of 25 women who love their motorcycles.


“This project is about having fun,” Humphrey writes on the Four x Three website.

“The aim is to provide a contemporary cross section of riders, to document their passion and discover what ties them all together.”


The aim is also to have popsicles.

And to contemplate life.


“They’re ain’t nothing too serious or lofty about this journey,” Humphrey says.

We think Maddie agrees.


“I just wanna wake up every morning smiling ear to ear and hit the hay each night giving thanks. Oh and we’ll probably be popping wheelies and for sure getting stuck in the mud.”


Here’s to friendship. And adventure.

And wheelies.

A photo posted by Theron Humphrey (@thiswildidea) on