This is 3-year-old Samara. She dressed up as Queen Elsa for a Disney-themed event in Melbourne earlier this month.

Samara and her mother, Rachel Muir, were in line for a children’s snow pit when a woman and her two daughters approached them.

According to Muir’s Facebook post, the woman said she didn’t know why Samara was dressed up as Queen Elsa, because Queen Elsa isn’t black.

When Muir asked what the woman meant by her comment, one of her daughters pointed at Samara and said, “You’re black and black is ugly.”

This resulted in Samara pointing at her own skin and asked why she was black.

“I told her because God gave you that skin color, because you’re a proud blackfella like mum.”

But since the verbal abuse, Australians have crowned Samara as queen.

Even Disney World’s Queen Elsa sent a loving video, telling her to “let it go.”

“Her mouth just dropped to the ground,” Muir told The Courier. “She kept saying over and over ‘She’s talking to me.’ We were in tears. It was so overwhelming.”

Long live Queen Samara!