Dutch ReBelle has established herself as one of Boston’s strongest lyricists with a unique rhyming style to go with it. Respected across the board by rappers both locally and beyond, ReBelle’s waves have recently grown bigger and reached further audiences than ever before, with an appearance at SXSW, an increased exposure on outlets as big as MTV, and continuos collaborations with other likeminded artists.

“YEN” will appear on ReBelle’s upcoming album “ReBelle Diaries,” but the video dropped today. Produced by Latrell James, the track features ReBelle at her best, flowing seamlessly through bars in the verse, while building up to a chorus so confidently that she backs the claims of deserving more currencies than just dollar bills. The video was directed by Goodwin, the local mastermind who has done the video work for Michael Christmas among others. Check it out, and keep your eyes peeled for “ReBelle Diaries” later this year.