Feel good

For a brief moment this afternoon, the nation’s hearts and minds were focused on Sun City, Arizona, where a local ABC affiliate brought us live aerial footage of two escaped llamas leading a wild police chase through the Phoenix suburb.

All across America, newsrooms stood still. Stories were disregarded. There were llamas on the loose.

The good citizens of Sun City tried to help, to no avail.

The animals ran through a variety of terrain, stopped traffic, and escaped capture several times even when they appeared to be cornered.

While the chase occurred, our nation’s publications struggled to dedicate enough resources for this breaking story.

But in the end, both were captured without incident.

llama capture gif

Here’s hoping the llamas don’t face the furious backlash that haunted Balloon Boy in 2009.

Either way, the escaped llamas of Arizona provided easily the most thrilling chase since the Lowell Goat’s month on the lam.