Jamaica Plain party animals Free Pizza knows how to do three things: rock, eat pizza slices, and party. It is no surprise then, that the band has chosen to inspire us with a playlist full of songs to “make your personal dance party more euphoric.” Sometimes dancing by yourself can be a bit lonely, but luckily Free Pizza has the prescription for the perfect aural lubrication.

Free Pizza has become one of Boston’s garage-hopping party-punk heroes, and today, via the local BUFU Records, the band is releasing its new album, properly titled, “BOSTON, MA.” For a band that learned quickly to not take itself too seriously, Free Pizza seriously knows how to lock into a jam. While thematically, the band tackles the simple joys of talking with babes over the internet and sharing good times with good friends, sometimes it will get a bit sentimental too, whether it’s recounting the introspectiveness of watching ducks fly south, or feeling like a foolish victim of love. The most burning track on the album, however, comes with the reckless closing title track, which provides an ode to the city in which Free Pizza constantly brings the thunder. You can listen to the “BOSTON, MA” in its entirety right here right now on the player above, and look for cassettes, available this week at the BUFU website.

[Photo Credit: Ben Katzman]

1. “Holiday Road” (The “National Lampoon’s Vacation” theme song)
“Total joy, GET PUMPED across America.”

2. Hall & Oates – “You Make My Dreams Come True”
“Rejoicing in pure emotion, babes make life kool.”

3. Trick Daddy – “Take It To Da House”

4. Beenie Man – “Who Am I (Sim Simma)”
“Getting seriously down to business, grinding, getting in touch with your shameless sexy side.”

5. Lio – “Banana Split”
“Incredible French babe, channel her kool style, and embrace your un-stoppable crush on her.”

6. Men Without Hats – “The Safety Dance”
“Openly liking this song shows you have character. Does this music video remind you of Braveheart? FREEDOM!!!!!”

7. Ghost Town DJs – “My Boo”
“Art skool dance party make-out ANTHEM, reminds u of making out when ur by urself in your room and haven’t gotten a kiss in a long time.”

8. Baltimora – “Tarzan Boy”
“Victory and triumph, you have discovered your wild side.”

9. Enya – “Orinoco Flow”
“Transcending nature, feel the bliss, get in touch with your spiritual side, your inner goddess.”

10. Toño Rosario – “kulikitaka”
“Crack your hips loose, drink some booze, like SANTIAGO SANTIAGO SANTIAGO!”