Sometimes it’s said that less is more and that definitely comes true for Evan Lorenzen’s micro-books. Lorenzen, a Colorado-based illustrator and animator, is a master at creating tiny publications that are no larger than the size of your thumb.

The artist’s latest installment is “Life’s Lil Pleasures” which features illustrations of all the the little things in life we enjoy but probably take for granted.

cover with pin

It can be easy to forget the refreshing smell of rain.


Successfully cleaning out the spinach in your mouth is equally satisfying.


But despite what we love most in life, this definitely is the greatest one of all.


Some of Lorenzen’s other works include The Little Book of Big Ideas, The Mini Book of Major Events, Shift and Big Words. He also has created mini tarot cards that can predict all our futures.

According to his bio, Lorenzen primarily works with pen, ink and watercolor and is inspired by mythology and medieval woodblock prints.

We’re thinking his next book should be The Many Emotions of MBTA Commuters or The Best of Gronk.

[h/t Bored Panda]