Earlier this month, Dan Ozzi of Vice’s music blog Noisey wrote a piece entitled, “Sorry, Dudes. The Ladies Won Punk This Year.” Although I appreciate the sentiment as a woman who loves punk, Ozzi made one of the biggest mistakes. He forgot all the bands featuring women of color. Punk is built on the uprising of marginalized people. To help right this wrong, here are some awesome punk bands with women of color.


Western Massachusetts all-female punk outfit Fake is a great way to start your adventure. It features members of Blessed State and Potty Mouth and kicks you right in the face with Nirvana-esque punk. Although they don’t have any official releases yet, you can check a few tracks on Soundcloud.

Hard Nips

Hard Nips is an energetic group of Japanese women that makes for the perfect punk band. They effortlessly mix melodic guitars with a Joan Jett-esque vocal presentation that hits you hard.

Shady Hawkins

Sometimes a name alone can lure you to a band and Shady Hawkins does just that with its play on the feminist Sadie Hawkins dance night. The group mixes noisy guitars with soulful vocals to make you swoon and groove simultaneously.


Sourpatch lives by the motto of “a gender freeing, queer positive, feminist thinking, body positive, crush worthy lifestyle!” while having a lot of pop-influenced fun in its music. The band will be taking a short break soon and playing its last show for a while in January. In the meantime, let’s delve into its discography.


Mindtroll describes themselves as an angry children’s choir, but that is selling the band a bit short. They are the product of an angry children’s choir that wreaks havoc on anyone who’s ever done them wrong. Plus, there’s an accordion.